Book Review: Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

“This world cannot break you—unless you give it permission. And it cannot own you unless you hand it the keys—unless you give it your heart. And so, if you have handed those keys to dunya for a while—take them back. This isn’t the End. You don’t have to die here. Reclaim your heart and place it with its rightful owner:

This book is not just a book..I’m warning you…it is NOT just a book. These are life changing words that will touch your heart in its deepest roots.

Chapters that will find your deepest fears, attachments, expectations. Paragraphs that will make you ponder, reflect and absorb their deep meaning.

Thoughts that will relate to you, your pain, your loss, your hardships in a way you cannot imagine…showing you the real state of your heart…the real place you’ve chosen to fit in the gifts that Allah has given you and me. A book that can give you hope in the darkest of times, that will give you the assurance that we all are looking for God…and He is there waiting for us.

Ok…I can ramble on and on, but seriously….this book is just AMAZING. I waited for so long to do a review, but I just couldn’t find the right words, in fact, I had to read the book twice (with all my pleasure) to finally be able to write about it.

Reclaim Your Heart is not just a self-help book, but it is an inspirational journey that you’ll take along the author’s thought and reflections on topics such as attachments, the real meaning of love (‘ts definitely not the miserable and all-consuming obsession that will make you look like some mentally disordered person), the various hardships that we’ll face in our lives, how to enhance the utmost loving and most personal relationship with our Creator, what empowerment of women really means (…not mimicking men in whatever they do neither struggling to compete with them without no logical reason!), the ummah’s condition right now finishing it with a set of poems inspiring you to never give up, motivating you to keep on walking and reminding you to never lose faith in God.

With its eloquent and sensitive writing style, the author conveys a timeless message to her readers making it impossible for them to keep their eyes off her book. I don’t think I need to express my preference about it, as you may have already reached that conclusion ((LOVED IT!!…in case you haven’t), but I’d say it is really a book, convenient for people of all ages, that will remind you and it will surely help you reclaim you heart filling it with the true love and food it demands for.

So, go buy this book immediately from internet or library or wherever you find it possible (you cannot possibly borrow it…it is a MUST for your library or bookshelf or whatever you have), and come back (or keep reading if you have already read the book) so that we can share our thoughts together!!

Author’s Bio: Yasmin Mogahed is known for her gift of captivating an entire audience with her thoughts and insightful reflections. She is a Psychology graduate, and attained her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a skilled creative writer, her literature speaks from the heart and after completing her graduate work; she taught Islamic Studies and served as a youth coordinator. Currently she’s a writer for the Huffington Post, an international speaker, and author who focuses most of her work on spiritual and personal development.

“Keep going. You’re almost there and remember, the sun is most beautiful as it’s going away.” 

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32 thoughts on “Book Review: Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed

    1. There is an app called muslim central with an audio lectures library from many speakers including Yasmin. I’ve also seen her website but the audio section has still the ‘coming soon’ sign. Hope I’d been of any help sis. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have never read self-help books till date…but by reading your review…this book sounds great…will see if I can grab a copy of it…the quotes listed from the books are inspiring….

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    1. I haven’t read any self-help book either except this one but it surely is a great book. Hope I”d been of any help. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Today afternoon I was watching videos on motivation and self-reflection and was thinking I should do this more frequently. This book seems like something I’d be interested in.

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