Breathe In Breathe Out

I see the sun…But why is it clouded

Slowly dark night has surrounded

A storm of thoughts coming from everywhere

Tired of looking over at what people stare

Feelings that cannot be identified

Is it pain, longing, fear or am I just being occupied

By doubts without reason

By unwelcomed whispers drowning me from inside…

I read once: “Overthinking creates problem that aren’t there”

But how can you say that when I see them everywhere

Emotions trying to overcome…

Making my vision blur and my eyes numb.

But I keep struggling

And I keep going

For I know…this is my fight

Once darkness falls…there it comes the light

After the night…dawn is sure to come

I will see the sun shining again bright.

Now I stand before Him

With my hands held high

And my head hung low

Cries filling the room sharing my sorrow.

I know He is listening without any doubt

All I can do now is breathe in and breathe out…


19 thoughts on “Breathe In Breathe Out

  1. Such beautiful writing mashAllah! Someone, somewhere is always going through battles of their own and Allah swt is ALWAYS there for them no matter what! x

    Liked by 1 person

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