Are we conveying the message?

 “Convey from me, even if it is one Ayah”

(Sahih Bukhari 346)

As I was sitting in my living room trying to find some inspiration and looking at the clock hanging on the wall as the time passes by slowly, I heard a knock on my door.

Thinking it was someone from the mail to deliver some goods, I went rapidly to open the door (forgetting to firstly wear an abayah) and with my surprise I was introduced to a man not quite old, maybe around his 40’s (I’m seriously no good at guessing ages) and a lady beside him, holding a few newspapers and some books.

I just thought they were some advertisers, but it was a totally different scene.

Man: “Hello, we are here to distribute these newspapers. We are from the church around the corner and we just wanted to let people know more about Christianity. Do you know any Christians or about Christianity?”

Me (thinking): “Oh, so they are from the church…if I do know Christians? Is that even a question??”

Me(actual speaking): “Oh, I do know about Christianity and I do very well know some Christian people”

Man: “Oh, that’s interesting.”

And just like that, I started rambling about how I know about Christians (maybe because they are human beings whom I call friends, neighbors and some sweet-not-so-rude strangers?) then an idea popped into my mind and before I could think any deeply…

Me: “So, do you know anything about Islam?”

Man: “Oh yes, I do know that you believe in One God Allah and Muhammad who is the Prophet…”

And that’s it! I was so happy that this man knew about Islam, I mean seriously I’ve never found many people who actually know at least the basic beliefs of Islam.

And so, we started discussing about the two religions. I asked him various questions about his faith…how Jesus was to be the one who will take away their debt to God according to them and how he was to be his son when God was to be The Only One.

He also asked me a few questions and I answered according the limited knowledge Allah has blessed me with, such as how do you believe you will be judged on the Judgement Day.

Then the tricky questions started to come up, from both sides.

Me: “I know of a christian who converted to Islam, he was brought up in a very Conservative Christian family, going sunday schools, frequenting church, staying away from major sins and such. And when he was sharing his convert story (I love hearing revert stories so much. Like they are soo inspirational. It just makes me cry. Their difficulties and…ok back to the dialogue) he said that he wanted to read and ponder over the Bible himself but the priests never allowed him to do so. So he (Yusha Evans, for anyone who’s wondering) asked his brother and after further reading, he reached a conclusion that the Prophets mentioned in the Book, who were to be looked as role models, eventually committed sin…and not any kind of sin, but a major sin. Such as Noah getting drunk or David committing adultery…so how is it that Prophets are described in this way?”

And here is how the man (sorry, I don’t know the name) answered: “Yes, but well we all are human beings and we will commit sins…that’s why Jesus came to erase the sins of those who follow him”…and before I could answer him, he said: “And it is also stated in the Qur’an I think, or maybe some narrations that Muhammad married a 13-year-old and..”

Ok…at this point I felt the need and responsibility as a Muslim to do my best to clear his misconceptions. So, I quickly made dua’a to Allah mentally to make me smooth in my “speech” and that I may be able to fulfill my duty.

Me: “No, that is not stated in the Quran..but you know Hadith? Narrations from the Prophet. It is said in a narration. However, we find that the 13-year-old girl (not thirteen, she was nine) has narrated most of the narrations and she was very mature in her speech and actions. We don’t know how she was (maturity and apprehensive wise) so we don’t know…”

Now…here is where the guilty thought came…did the Prophet really marry a 9 years old girl? I mean I did know about it but what is its explanation?

I felt so bad that I myself, being a Muslim, didn’t know or couldn’t give a rightful answer to his question. I know I don’t need to defend my religion in any way, shape or form as it doesn’t need my “protection” or anything else, but I had to know these answers for myself. I had to be sure and have a clear understanding of my religion. Of the many misunderstandings that people have. Because I and every Muslim is a carrier of this religion and if we, ourselves, can’t clear our doubts or the sensitive matters…then how are we going to convey it to others?

So, after talking a bit more with the man, we exchanged some books and said my goodbyes I quickly went to clear any doubts (no room for Shaytan). Went on YouTube and as I knew, there indeed was the rightful explanation of it.

Here’s the link (if you wanna know): (And you can find others as well).

I got my answer. I knew I wasn’t in any doubt about my religion or about the Prophet…but when, especially in these days, we are faced by people who constantly attack Islam or simply wanna know more about it, quote a certain verse from the Qur’an or from the Hadith or certain topics of Islam (such as Jihad), we should not be the ones who immediately try to defend, be embarrassed or ashamed of the misinterpretation people have. We don’t owe anybody an explanation for our Deen. We are not sorry for our beliefs, for our etiquettes, for our Islam. And when non-Muslims come up and say our religion to be barbaric or old-fashioned, we cannot be the ones to indulge into doubts ourselves.

“Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam”

(Qur’an 03:19)

 We have to have, first and foremost, a clear understanding of our religion and a pure committed heart. Our eman may have ups and downs, but when our understanding is clear, then no questions, no misinterpretations, no whispers from Shaytan and no doubt can make us be the ones questioning its beliefs. There is no room for discomfort in this Deen

“But no, by your Lord, they will not [truly] believe until they make you, [O Muhammad], judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full, willing] submission.”

(Qur’an 4:65)


We have to be proud Muslims…not apologizing Muslims. This religion should be the reason of our ultimate happiness, peace and serenity in our hearts.

“O mankind, there has to come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.”

(Qur’an 10:57)

Ask any questions you have, learn as much as you can, understand your religion, read and ponder over Qur’an, the Book which is only meant for us, increase your relationship with the Prophet and with your, mine, our Master.

And get ready to convey its message, through character, words and actions…even if it is one Ayah.




24 thoughts on “Are we conveying the message?

  1. This is a great story, thank you for sharing. I too have this desperate need to defend and protect our religion. I’ve been reading lots, and watching lots of the lectures on youtube for the Imams I admire and trust. In the end there are things Allah swt has commanded in his great wisdom that we will never understand nor be able to explain. We just have to believe.

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    1. Lots of Muslims do have the need to protect our religion but at the end of the day we should always know that this deen is protected by Allah himself. We don’t awe anybody an explanation for our deen.
      Thank you!


  2. JazakAllah khair for sharing that you tube link…as that is something I often find myself struggling to understand and explain!
    And you are right..we should be proud!


  3. I really enjoyed reading this and especially the part where you said how we should not be sorry for our beliefs. Especially with topics like the Prophet pbuh marrying Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her)/ polygamy/ ‘slave’ girls and boys post war/ female inheritance/ – there’s a huge contextual issue and specific circumstances that’s overlooked.

    I keep myself out of these dawah conversations because as you mentioned, you just feel that need to defend our deen, when it will always be protected by Allah. Enjoyed reading this article xx

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  4. I LOVED this article! Since the recent years I have had little war between me and my religion but everytime someone said something, I was the first to defend it. But I always got thrown the question about Hazrat Ayesha (ra)’s age and I couldnt answer more than the fact that it was what Allah decided. I did a bit of research on it and one, whatever Allah decides, has a thorough reason behing it. Like you said, most of the ahadith and narrations come from Hazrat Ayesha (RA) only because she spent more time with the prophet learning basic living manners and was more adapt to learning certain things rather than adapting a change. Also, I feel mufti menk didnt really explain the purpose. Norms are a part but with what I have researched and learned is that, the marriage was only consummated when Hazrat Ayesha (RA) reached puberty. This is what many people dont really know.


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