Today, as I hold high in the sky

a flag that reminds me of why

and how we’ve become what we are today.

Saffron, white and green with a navy blue wheel

making me proud-feel.

A saffron color symbolizing renunciation

from any material gain except for dedication.

The white in the centre indicating light

a path of truth to guide our conduct and make it so bright.

Green shows the soil or the mitti as we say,

the soil on which we walk today,

and tomorrow in it we’ll lay.

The wheel in the centre describes the importance of law,

of truth, ought to be the principle, in it there is no flaw.

And as I think of this…my heart is content

with the fate with which I was born, decreed by the Omnipotent.

To be from a country

known for its culture, cricket and mango tree

along with some chai, roti and desi ghee.

Everyone knows about Taj Mahal and its beauty never-ending…

but have you seen our pani-puri thela

or the ever-so-famous aunties’ favourite mela?

But let us not forget…

this dunya is not the resting place, it is the testing place.

Freedom means the right to speak, think or act

Let’s strive to make this country free from transgression

and clean from oppression.

United through diversity…

May Allah make this country grow with prosperity!



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