Hajj Series: “Allah does not want bad for us”

In Makkah, thousands of years ago: Walking with sweat rolling over his forehead, tears on the verge to come out of his eyes, along with his son. Their hearts staying firm on just one belief that’s keeping it from erupting: Allah does not want bad for us.

Through an unimaginable courage and complete trust in their Master, Ebrahim and his son Ismael aleihuma salam were on their way to execute the unbearable task, when suddenly satan appeared at the Jamarat-ul-Aqaba to carry out his mission to persuade the slaves of Allah into turning away from His command. But he was Khalilu-Allah. His Prophet. And so, when the satan started whispering to him, he pelted him with seven stones. Then he appeared at the Jamarat-ul-Wusta and began whispering, but the Prophet pelted him again with seven stones until he disappeared. Then he came at the Jamarat-ul-sughra to try his best in convincing him to Not slaughter his own son! But again, satan was defeated.

Now, I urge you to reflect on what was happening there. A father about to slaughter his son. The only son he had. The son whom’s arrival he waited years for. The son when he was finally able to run with him, play with him, have the father-son late night chats. He was going to put a knife to his neck.

And just then, someone comes…someone who says to him “What are you doing? How can you slice you own son’s neck? Allah would never tell you to do this!” and not just one time. He tries to convince him and tell him to not slaughter his son for three times…Let me ask you this question…If you were in that situation…would you really stone the one who’s trying to stop you from sacrificing you own child? Would you?

But he did it. He wasn’t an angel. He too had a heart that ached just at the thought of even harming his baby. But he knew…he kept saying to himself…to his heart…Allah does not want bad for us!

Allah won’t ask you to slaughter your child. He won’t. But He will take something or someone away from you. Your loved one. Your health. A family member. Your money. A friend. What will you do then?

Ibrahem aleyhi salam was going to fulfill Allah’s command, he was going to sacrifice his son..why? Why didn’t he try to ask him to maybe skip this one test, I mean it’s not like this was the only test he was put through and he was his friend after all. Why didn’t his son ran away from their house or tell his father how his words are not making any sense to him. Why a mother did not try to convince his husband or she could at least escape with his son, right? I mean which mother would let ANYONE even try to harm their sweetheart. And she was the same mother who ran desperately, in the hope to find any way to keep his son alive, but she didn’t say anything. Why didn’t they?

Because they are Muslims. Islam means submission to the will of Allah. He was willing to sacrifice what he loved most only for the sake of his Creator. That is the ultimate submission and love to Allah. That is Islam.

In Makkah, today: “BISMILLAH”…”ALLAHO AKBAR”…It’s the 10th Day of Dhul Hijjah, pilgrims are now throwing pebbles, the size of chickpeas, at Jamarat-ul-Aqaba, named after a mountain present there before, where people used to climb on to be able to throw the pebbles.

Pilgrims have to come throw the pebbles at the three Jamarat on the next two or three days. Starting from the smallest: Jamarat-ul-Sughra, then the Jamarat-ul-Wusta and finally Jamarat-ul-Kubra. Hundreds of men and women mentioning Allah’s name, while stoning at the three pillars in the same location where satan appeared to the Prophet Ibrahem aleyhi salam.

Among these are people trying to collect the biggest stones, thinking that it signifies their anger or it will hurt the devil more. But the truth is the devil is not physically there anymore, you don’t need to take big stones because you won’t hurt the devil, but you might hurt someone’s head and that won’t be the best thing to do at Hajj, would it?

We remember the story, the lesson, the wisdom…You do remember, right? But this time, let us also remind ourselves about the reason why we’re here. The reason why we are throwing stones right now. The reason why a mother, a son, a father were ready to sacrifice their will before Allah. The reason of our existence: submission to Allah.

Hajj Series-Tip 2: Take advantage of the remaining days of Dhul Hijjah, as our Prophet said:

“There are no other days that are as great as these in the sight of Allah and no acts are more beloved to Allah than those in these ten days. So recite much Tahlil, Takbeer and Tahmeed.”

Enhance your relationship with Allah. Talk to him. Pour you heart’s content to Him. Shed those tears your eyes are holding back from so long. He is the One who made you. You have to be at the best of relationships with him. Think of him like a best friend. He knows everything about you and be ready. Be strong. Prepare yourself for any test that He may put you through. And trust me, if your relationship with Him is strong, then no devil, no desire, no one and nothing will hold you back from submitting to Him.


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