Hajj Series: “But you might forget what day is today”

The 9th of Dhul Hijjah, at mount Arafah: Tomorrow is the day of Eid, confirming yet another year of fulfillment of Ibrahem’s legacy. Yet another year remembering the sacrifices he went through. Yet another year when the chosen believers will reach their next step from their life-changing journey of Hajj.But today is as important as tomorrow. Today is yawm-ul-hajj, the day of Hajj. If any pilgrim misses this day, it will be as though he missed the Hajj itself. Today is the day when Islam perfected, completed and approved as a religion for us.

“La ilaaha illa Allah wahdahu laa shareeka lah lahu al-Mulk wa lahu al-Hamd yoohyi wa yumeetu wa huwa a’la kulli shayin qadeer”. Believing men and women reciting and remembering Allah, supplicating their dua’as. Some are seated, some are standing. Everyone asking Allah in their own different languages, unknown to the person sitting next to them but known to the One who taught all languages. Some are seen crying, some completely drowned in tears while others are seen with open eyes longing to see the face of their Creator. Some of them are holding a book, from where they ask all the dua’as for those back home, while others are lacking for words to say but a heart unable to stop from bursting out.

But they are all tied up together, white, black, chinese, malaysian…every person from every corner of the world, to the rope of Allah. All of them gathered together, with hand held high with only one purpose today: getting the forgiveness of their Master and every dua’a accepted.

Everyone is here together but all with different stories to tell. Dua’as coming from broken hearts, tired of being unable to reform. Hearts that have lost the belief in love, because of the too many people who’ve taught it not to. Hearts that are drowned with grief, longing for the moment to come when peace will prevail in it. Though each one of them knows today our hearts will be listened to by the Loving One, and indeed love will overcome.


The 9th of Dhul Hijjah, at home: “Yeesss, I’m going to wear that silver-gold dress at dinner tomorrow and…ooh pleeease mama can you apply henna to my hands first?! I’m getting late…sooo many preparations to do…you know tomorrow is Eid, right?!”

Sweet mama about to give a nice little lecture: “Yes honey, I know tomorrow is Eid, but you are forgetting what day is it today…it’s the day of Arafah. Te day on which not only the Hujjaj but also people like us, who didn’t get to be at the blessed city, will be blessed and granted the forgiveness of the year before and the one after, and acceptance of our dua’as. So yes, we have to do the preparations, but we also have to make the best of this day by worshipping Allah.”

So yes (third time saying yes lol), the day of Arafah is not only the big day for the Hajjis, but for us as well. Let us make the most of it by fasting, reading Qur’an, reciting tahmeed, tahleel, takbeer and tasbeeh, praying nawafil, helping others among many good deeds.

But most of all, don’t forget to take a moment from your busy life and sit alone, with nobody around except you and your Master. And let it go. Everything. Talk to him about every time you fell, but He supported you. Every time you were sad, and He made you happy. Every time you went to the wrong place, did the wrong thing, and today He will forgive you for He is The All-Forgiving, the Merciful. Ask Him whatever good you want Him to grant you with He will respond. Don’t let anything distract you today. This day is for you to pour out your heart’s contents to your Rabb.

You ever wondered why we have all these coming up one after another? The month of Ramadhan, then the ten days of Dhul Hijjah, then the 10th of Muharram…why? Because of Allah’s infinite mercy. because of Allah’s incomparable love for us.

Every time Shaytan comes to us and we make a mistake and we get drowned by it, losing all hopes, Allah provides you with a new season, a month, a few days to pick yourself up so He can erase all your sins. So that we will not be from the sinners. So we won’t be from the people of the Hellfire. He is Allah, rabbul a’alameen.

Hajj Series Tip 4: I know you’re busy with the Eid preparations and what not, but as sweet mama was saying don’t forget about the immense blessing that Allah showers upon those who fast, pray and remember Him today. All of this is for you to take advantage from…you are the one who’ll be forgiven so don’t forget to forgive others as well. Appreciate the people around you and tell them how much you love them. Do something for them today, maybe give them an early gift or take them out for Iftar or maybe just give a tight hug where they can release all their problems. The feeling you see someone happy because of you is unparalleled to any others.

May Allah protect you and your family

May Allah ease all your matters

May Allah relieve you from any hardships or troubles

May Allah make you among His beloved and true slaves

May He provide you with financial stability

May He give you bless you with good health and righteous children

May Allah heal your broken heart

May Allah bless you with a content heart and clear understanding

May He guide you and lift you from darkness into light

May Allah grant you happiness and success in this world and in the Hereafter

May He accept all our dua’as

May Allah uplift your eman and raise your position in Jannah

May Allah make us of those who’ll be entering the blessed gates of Jannah.


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