How Islam changed my life

Change. An act or process through which something becomes different.

We all change throughout time, either due to our circumstances or our hardships. However, we all can agree to one thing: change does not happen in the blink of an eye. It takes a great amount of hard work and perseverance.

Mostly, people change because of themselves. Maybe because they want to take another direction in life or because they’ve found a broken heart amid their path. Some simply want to change to fit into the crowd, while others change to make a difference.

But what if the reason for your change is not anywhere near what you think you desire? What if it is solely done for the sake of someone else, whom you’ve never seen, only read about. Who hasn’t ever had a face-to-face conversation with you, yet you can call out to Him whenever your heart desires. Would you change?

Muslim born and raised

I am a born Muslim. Brought and raised in a Muslim household within Islamic teaching and principles.

When I was born, the first thing I felt was the taste of a dried date on my palate, given to me to fulfil the sunnah of Tahneek. Yet, the first time I actually experienced how it feels to follow the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) footsteps was when I struggled to get over my shyness and mustered enough courage to greet Salam to strangers. It was rewarding.

The first words I was taught were not mama or papa, but the name of Allah and the Shahada. When I was shaken, on the verge of falling, the only words that kept me going were the Shahada and the beautiful name of my Master. It felt so different. It was uplifting.

How Salah changed me

I started praying Salat early in my age, with my siblings teaching me how to pray properly and correcting my mistakes. Yet, when I learnt the deep meaning of Surah Fatihah, the conversation happening between a servant and their Lord, and when I forced myself to stand before Him even after many mistakes and temptations, it was so different. It felt reassuring.

Abbi used to tell us about the immense favours Allah has blessed us with, but I always questioned why didn’t Allah bless others like me? I was grateful but at the same time, a bit confused. Yet, when I was faced with hardships, it was me who was complaining to Allah to shower His blessings. And that was when I got my answer. It took me a lot, but the secret was really hidden in the Book most of us have sitting on our shelves. It’s always waiting to be opened, to show you a new view of the same world you’ve witnessed before your eyes.

At that time, I realised what Islam, the religion I was born with, truly meant to me.

Islam is not only my faith, it is the purpose of my life. It is my own set of glasses, with which I can see the world and its happenings in a whole different way. In its truest way.

Our beloved Prophet

How has Islam changed my life? Honestly, I don’t have just one answer for this. Islam has changed my life in so many ways throughout time since I was born.

Whenever I read about the character and teachings of our Prophet (peace be upon him), it empowers me to get up every day and do good taking Him as my role model in all affairs. It makes me look forward to not only the good spread in the world around me, but to the pleasure I’ve tried to gain from Allah. Like they say, “Feed two birds with one seed.” It is more than rewarding.

Whenever I say the Shahada, it reminds me of the reason for my existence. It encourages me to make the best out of the little time I have left in this world. It prevents me from falling miserable, without goals or having no sense of guidance. It uplifts my heart and soul.

Alhamdulillah for change

Every time I perform the simple steps of Salat, it reassures me that no matter how hard it is, no matter what I’m going through, Allah is near. And He is the All-Knowing. It softens my heart when I cry out to Him like a baby does to his beloved mother. It inspires me to get up and do whatever I can in the dunya, so that I can stand before Him, in the humblest way possible. It calms my anxiety, my sorrows and my pain.

And when I think about the uncountable blessings He’s blessed all of us with, it makes me grateful. We hear research showing the positive impact that gratitude has on a person, how people who keep gratitude journals are the happiest. Well, we’re blessed with that already. We don’t need to be reminded of that, for it is already an order from Our Creator to be fulfilled. Ever heard of reciting Tahmeed? Alhamdulillah.

That and much more is why I chose to change my life and how Islam has and will change my life until the day my heart will need no change for it will be perfect under the Throne of its Master, filled with a light that knows no darkness.

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