When you least expect it…LIEBSTER Award

Ahem…welcome to the unexpected world of blogging.

So, as I was numbly scrolling through my not-so-addictive mobile, my eyes wandered among the notifications popping up and surprisingly enough one of them has been the reason for this post.

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Today, as I hold high in the sky

a flag that reminds me of why

and how we’ve become what we are today.

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It’s a GIRL

“And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked. For what humiliating crime she was killed.  ”                                                                                                              [Qur’an 81:8/9]

In the midst of chaos, when the sun is going to be wrapped up leaving darkness behind. When the stars are going to be from bright diamond sparkle to colored twinkles falling apart so fast…

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The heart…

Broken hearts…Pleased hearts…Shattered hearts…Content hearts…What is the heart?

The heart is not just that cute little symbol you post at the end of every text you sent to your beloved hubby,

The heart is not just the cute drawing you made on a card for your sweet mommy,

The heart is not just the intermediate between I and YOU,

The heart is much more than that….

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