Hajj Series: “But you might forget what day is today”

The 9th of Dhul Hijjah, at mount Arafah: Tomorrow is the day of Eid, confirming yet another year of fulfillment of Ibrahem’s legacy. Yet another year remembering the sacrifices he went through. Yet another year when the chosen believers will reach their next step from their life-changing journey of Hajj. Continue reading “Hajj Series: “But you might forget what day is today””


Behind the scene

Ya Allah relieve me from this illness….from this problem…

Ya Allah I NEED that job…please make sure they approve me for it…

Ya Allah I love her so much…I can’t live without him…make him/her as my life partner…

….No acceptance…No results.

Why? Why He is not accepting my dua’as? WHYYYY??

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