EASE…Inside or Out?

"And We will ease you toward ease." (Qur'an 87:8) I did my best to hide it From the rest. Yet the dark night revealed the moon a hide-and-seek play between us two But the clouds gave her away far too soon. Lesson learnt, you may find For no companion will be forever intertwined. Now they … Continue reading EASE…Inside or Out?


Breathe In Breathe Out

I see the sun…But why is it clouded Slowly dark night has surrounded A storm of thoughts coming from everywhere Tired of looking over at what people stare Feelings that cannot be identified Is it pain, longing, fear or am I just being occupied By doubts without reason By unwelcomed whispers drowning me from inside… … Continue reading Breathe In Breathe Out

A born Muslim revert

Weird title huh? Yep I know…so lets get started! This is a very personal and significant topic that I want to share with you. Today, Islam is the second largest growing religion in the world. You find muslims all over the world, whether you’d be living in the West or in the East (yes, we … Continue reading A born Muslim revert

The heart…

Broken hearts, pleased hearts Shattered hearts, content hearts... What is the heart? The heart is not just that cute little symbol you post at the end of your text message, The heart is not just the small drawing you made for your mama, The heart is not just the intermediate between I and YOU, The … Continue reading The heart…